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Simple online bank transfers.

Safe, direct, and fast payments you can trust.

Built to make your life easier

Built to make your life easier.

The open banking revolution has arrived in the UK. Banking used to be so complex and time-consuming, but open banking allows SOFORT to provide safe and easy online bank transfers, using our own proprietary infrastructure.

SOFORT operates in 13 markets across Europe, with millions of transactions every single month. Partner with SOFORT to help grow your business.

Direct to business

Direct to business.

SOFORT Bank Transfer is our convenient and reliable payment method. It allows for direct and secure payments using personal online banking credentials, with businesses receiving real-time transaction confirmation.

SOFORT Bank Transfer can be accessed with one-time identification. No account creation is necessary, and personal details don’t need to be saved.

Whether you’re a business or a customer, SOFORT has the ideal secure payment product for you.