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Sell with SOFORT.

Let your customers pay with the safety and simplicity of online banking. Trusted by more than 85 million users and available in 13 countries.

Why is shopping online with online banking so popular with your customers?

SOFORT lets customers pay using their own online banking details. It’s fast, direct, convenient and secure. Want to start selling? Contact the team now.

The big advantage is that customers don’t need to register or open an account. Funds are transferred directly from your customers’ online bank account to your bank account. Thanks to the real-time transaction confirmation you receive, you can dispatch the goods to your customers immediately.

  • So simple: Whether you’re using standard software or have developed your system yourself — with our modules and easy-to-use manuals, the integration of payment products offered by SOFORT will be a walk in the park.

  • So safe: When shopping online, your customers use their own familiar online banking details, but confidential login details and confirmation codes are not stored and are never visible to you or any other third party, as well as SOFORT employees.

Made to be exactly what your business needs.

What happens on your site.

The customer selects SOFORT Bank Transfer in the checkout and the relevant order information from your online shop is automatically carried over to the secure payment form.

What happens at SOFORT.

In the secure SOFORT payment form, the customer selects their country and bank, then logs in using their online banking details. The transfer is confirmed by the customer entering a confirmation code. Online banking login details like PIN and unique TANs are not stored by SOFORT.

What happens at your bank.

SOFORT transmits the transfer information to the bank of the customer by means of an encryption that meets banking standards and sends you a confirmation of the transaction with the payment reference, the amount and your SOFORT Project number. The bank remits the money of the purchase to you.